Ice diving in the Vaud Alps

A unique experience awaits you in an ice-covered mountain lake. Dive into the clear waters and enveloping silence of Lake Lioson.

Lake Lioson nestles at 1,800 metres above sea level. Its pure water and its ice cover make it a unique place for a scuba diving session. A unique activity where you discover the lake from a completely new perspective, its clear water and its underwater life at the slower pace of winter. Take this same rhythm to live the incredible experience of diving at altitude in the heart of winter.

Ice diving is a special form of diving that requires specific equipment and requires physical preparation to withstand immersion in cold water and control any collateral effects.

Let yourself be captivated by the beauty of the decor, the rays of light that pierce the large layer of ice and the ambient calm as soon as you immerse yourself in these pristine waters. Experience new sensations, a moment out of time and solicit your inner strength to overcome the anxiety linked to the cold.

Ice diving Lioson see - winter - Les Mosses
Ice diving

What have the paradise islands got over Lake Lioson when it comes to diving ? Sensational thrills guaranteed !

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