Ice climbing in the Alpes vaudoises

In winter, from our torrents, the cold air shapes magnificent ice formations. To see them up close, climb these ice walls and appreciate this artistic work of Mother Nature.

Rock climbing has become popular. The winter version is more discreet, but it does have certain advantages. Accompanied by a mountain guide and armed with an iron will, climb ice falls!

You appropriate the equipment as you climb, the movements are mastered, the steps short but sure, a little mental and physical strength is required and a great satisfaction with a job well done!

The terrain, between naturally frozen waterfalls and unspoilt landscapes, is a magnificent environment for a sporting activity requiring humility and respect for the elements. Of varied texture and shape, ice is a living material in constant transformation.

During the climb, admire the stalactites formed by the flow of water along the walls. The forms seem sculpted by the hands of an artist; the experience is spectacular and unforgettable.

In the Alpes vaudoises, two places near Leysin give you the opportunity to take your first steps in ice climbing.

Ice climbing with a guide

To try the adventure of ice climbing in total safety, make use of the services of a mountain guide. Supervision by a mountain professional is the key to the success of your mountain adventure. The guides share their knowledge and also their anecdotes to make you live an experience as incredible as possible. On your side, you don't worry about anything and enjoy the moment with a free spirit.

Ice climbing - winter - Leysin
Ice climbing in Leysin

The Tour d'Aï and the Hongrin Gorge in Leysin together make for ice climbing with a mountain guide becoming a magical experience.

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