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Grand Tour of Switzerland

Grand Tour of Switzerland combines the highlights of Switzerland with a beautifully scenic route. Discover Alpine passes, lakes, scenic routes and UNESCO heritage sites.

In the Vaud Alps, the Grand Tour de Suisse stops in Rossinière on the Neuchâtel - Berne stage through the Vaud and Bern Pays-d'Enhaut.

The Grand Chalet, the Parc Naturel Régional Gruyères Pays-d'Enhaut and La Pierreuse circuit are presented.

Characteristics of the Grand Tour of Switzerland

  • Highlights: 46 top attractions, 13 of which UNESCO World Heritage Sites and two biospheres

  • Lakes: 22 lakes larger than 0.5 square kilometers along the route

  • Recommended travel period: summer (April to October)

  • Length:

    • Core route: 1643 km (1021 miles)

    • Initial stretch Basel - Neuchâtel: 165 km

    • Initial stretch Geneva - Saint-George: 53 km

    • Initial stretch Chiasso - Bellinzona: 109 km

Highest point of the Grand Tour: Furka Pass, 2429 m above sea level Lowest point of the Grand Tour: Lake Maggiore, 193 m above sea level

Recommended duration

With driving time of at least 5 hours a day, we recommended you plan at least 7 days to complete the core route. Depending on your entry point from the border, you may even need more time. The effective duration depends on whether you tend to speed along or make the journey at a leisurely pace to enjoy the many sights along the route.

Signposts and direction of travel

The Grand Tour can be travelled in both directions, but Switzerland Tourism recommends you make the journey clockwise. This is especially true in cities with one-way streets - and for motorway access roads. Signposts along the route are limited to the clockwise direction of travel on the main route, and to access roads to the main route from abroad.

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