The Gourmet Alps

A gourmet picnic from the Vaud Alps, eaten in an idyllic setting that enhances the already intense flavours.

What if your next meal was provided for you and took place in the mountains, in the great outdoors? In the Vaud Alps, we provide you with a picnic ready to be enjoyed wherever you want. It's up to you to choose the place that inspires you: a meadow surrounded by fir trees, a rock, near a stream or a picnic area.

Travel on foot or by mountain bike, a sporting activity to reach your picnic spot will add pleasure when tasting your meal.

The picnic is also varied; hot or cold meals, with or without alcohol and always delicacies from the Vaud region. Raclette, grilled meats, dry sausages, choose according to your desires. The necessary utensils are also provided.

Raclette hike in Les Diablerets

Take your raclette bag and go for a picnic in the middle of nature!

A raclette outside at night

Grilling in Leysin or Les Mosses

A basket of local products for a grill, grill included, to savour wherever you want!

Terroir hike in Pays-d'Enhaut

Taste delicious local products and watch the sun set over the horizon.


Gourmet walk in Les Mosses

Walk or discover local products? No need to choose!

© Ass. Touristique Aigle-Leysin Col des Mosses

Gourmet walk in Leysin

A hike punctuated by meals in three mountain refreshment stands allows you to discover both the landscape and the local products of Leysin.

© Ass. Touristique Aigle-Leysin Col des Mosses Temeley

A picnic of local products

Raclette, grill, picnic of cured meats and cheeses, enjoy unforgettable moments and savour authentic products made in the Vaud Alps by passionate craftsmen. Many places are unique by their setting, the natural particularities or the view they offer. Choose the place well, savour the meal and the moment that seems to be out of time.

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