Fitness 360 in Villars-sur-Ollon

Located in the Villars-sur-Ollon Sports Centre complex, Fitness 360 welcomes you every day. The team of professionals at the Villars fitness centre will supervise you to ensure your fitness progresses safely.

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Villars fitness centre: an exceptional setting

Train indoors on state-of-the-art fitness equipment, with a 360° view of the mountains. You'll feel like you're training in the great outdoors! The room dedicated to daily classes and the various areas that make up Villars-sur-Ollon Fitness also offer a magnificent view. Complete sportly break guaranteed.

Classes at Fitness 360 with our certified coaches

Classes are held every day at the Villars fitness centre. Whatever your fitness goals, you'll find the class that's right for you:

  • Circuit Training: a training programme consisting of changing workshops regularly and repeatedly to optimise calorie expenditure and muscle rest

  • Body Pump: a fitness class designed to strengthen all the muscles in a pre-choreographed way

  • Spinning: a high-intensity indoor cycling class that is shock-free and gentle on the joints

  • Stretching: stabilises deep muscles while providing flexibility and strength

  • CAF-FAB: muscle-strengthening class targeting thighs-arms-abdos-buttocks

  • Aqua Circuit: a fun aquatic circuit for exercising in a fun way

  • Aqua Bike: cycling in the water to slim your figure while looking after your joints

  • Aqua Gym: aquatic training in shallow water to build physical resistance, all in a relaxed atmosphere

  • Pilates: a fitness programme that focuses on balance, flexibility and muscle strengthening, with particular attention paid to breathing

  • Yoga: whatever your level of flexibility or age, yoga is a practice open to all, bringing serenity and balance to your daily life

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Class registration

To register for classes at Fitness 360, simply create an account on the TechnoGym app and enter the code "cdsvillars" to gain access to Fitness 360. You can also contact us by e-mail at or by phone on +41 79 538 22 30 if you have any questions or if you prefer to register directly with us.

Fitness area : quality support and service

Our team of qualified fitness professionals is on hand to help you find the workout that's right for you, making sure you're completely safe when exercising in the gym and in daily classes.

QUALITOP label: partial insurance cover for memberships

The Villars-sur-Ollon fitness centre has been awarded with QUALITOP certification, a quality label for physical exercise and health promotion. This certification means that many health insurance companies will cover part of your fitness membership.

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