Experience a 100% authentic summer!

This summer, discover our Pays-d'Enhaut region in a different way! Our staff will be happy to advise you on how to enjoy an authentic holiday away from the beaten track.

DAMOUNAIS(E): 1. person who lives in the Pays-d'Enhaut region and enjoys passing on local traditions and customs. 2. product or thing that comes from the Pays-d'Enhaut.

Picnic in nature

Pack a picnic of authentic products in your rucksack and enjoy a beautiful hike to the summit of the Laitemaire. Then sit down on the fresh grass to enjoy these products as the sun sets.

Cabane des Choucas

Enjoy a cool drink on the panoramic terrace of the Cabane des Choucas after a hike up the ladders. And enjoy the colours of the sunset over the Gummfluh range.
Caril, hébergements & billetterie

La Tine gorges

On hot summer days, enjoy the coolness of the La Tine canyon. From "Le Creux de l'Enfer", take a dip in the pure water that trickles down from our mountain peaks.
Gaëlle, accueil & information

La Videmanette Via Ferrata

From the lift station, rent your equipment and climb to the top of the Rübli via 3 Via Ferrata routes. During your ascent, a few chamois are sure to be watching you.
Romane, marketing

Ramaclé Forest

The Ramaclé walk takes you to discover the Pont Turrian and the Ramaclé waterfall. Along the way, stop off at the ferme du berceau for a delicious ice cream made from cow's milk!
Zélie, manifestation & marketing

Balthus workplace

Take a stroll through the streets of Rossinière. It was in our mountain village that the painter Balthus spent the last 20 years of his life. In fact, during the summer, his studio is exceptionally open to the public!
Alexandre, développement

Berceau swimming pool

After swimming a few laps in Le Berceau's open-air pool, take a seat on the sunny terrace! Gourmet tip: enjoy the beef carpaccio with pesto sauce with a cold drink.
Alice, marketing

Tomme Fleurette

Discover the heights of Rougemont on this easy, family-friendly walk. Enjoy a panoramic view of the Rübli. On the way back, stop off at the Fleurette cheese dairy. Thanks to their vending machine, you can enjoy their famous Tomme Fleurette 24 hours a day!
Lana, accueil & information

Hongrin lake

Head up to Lac de l'Hongrin for a refreshing break. Swimming, picnicking, paddle-boarding - the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer's day. As an added bonus, enjoy an idyllic view of the Vaud mountains.
Romane, marketing

Take the time to discover our little gems so that you can go home with lots of memories. And who knows, your advice may come in handy for your loved ones.

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