Escape games and their mysteries in the Vaud Alps

All together, be strategic and join forces to overcome the challenges that await you. If winter sports have overtaxed you physically, take time out, exercise your brain to find your escape route.

Be prepared to use all your imagination by setting off on an adventure in the escape rooms of the Vaud Alps. Combine entertainment; free yourself and your friends from confinement and go skiing in the great outdoors afterwards.

Connect and interchange your thoughts and ideas with those of your friends, join forces when necessary, look for ideas to move forward in the twists and turns of this closed world from which the urgency to escape is felt. Keep in mind this is a game, so enjoy yourself!

Take part in the “Enquêtes de l’inspecteur Auer” (Inspector Auer's Investigations). This family-oriented experience is inspired by one of the novels by Marc Voltenauer, a local writer, and takes place in the sublime winter setting of the village of Gryon.

This adventure, at the cutting edge of technology, is played with a tablet or a smartphone and promises to be full of twists and turns!

Escape Game Gryon
"Inspector Auer's investigations" in augmented reality!

Discover in Gryon, an outdoor investigation game, unique in French-speaking Switzerland.

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Another option could be to try to escape from “Escapeland”, but nothing will be easy in the two chilling scenarios that are created for you. Choose between “Le Portail Magique” (The Magical Portal) and its extraordinary treasure or “La Traversée Cauchemardesque” (The Nightmarish Crossing) and its truly creepy neighbour living in number 22…

In these unforgettable immersive experiences, strength is in numbers so always stay united!

Escape games

One hour to try to escape! Curiosity, attention and speed are required! Or your escape may be compromised...

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In the marvellous setting of the Château d'Aigle, solve the enigma in 60 minutes... if not, you could stay longer than expected in this castle which has crossed the centuries.

Escape Room_Pandoria-Aigle-Escape Room Château d'Aigle
Escape Room of Château d’Aigle

A setting, a plot, a bit of mystery and 60 minutes flat!

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