Curling and eisstockschiessen in the rinks of the Vaud Alps

Put on your ice skates and perform tricks or just let yourself go and feel the sensation of sliding. In addition to skiing, the Vaud Alps offer you the chance to (re)discover ice sports.

Natural and artificial ice rinks offer fun ideas for the whole family. Skate indoors or, in winter, on the natural outdoor rinks, enjoying the views of the Alps and the Pre-Alps and the fresh air.

Patinoire des Diablerets
Ice rinks in the Vaud Alps

Ice skating, a classic winter sport and an alternative to skiing


Try curling, an Olympic sport!

There are areas reserved for curling on our icerinks. Take advantage of your stay to learn this team sport that requires precision, timing and concentration. Finish off with a match, everyone will be keen to ensure that their stone ends up at least 'in the house'! 

Curling - Pixabay
Appréhendez les rudiments du curling lors d'une initiation

Lancez la pierre, gardez l'équilibre ou balayez pour marquer le point


The eisstockschiessen, a discipline to try in Leysin

In Leysin, part of the ice rink is reserved for Eisstock. This activity mixes some aspects of curling with the rules of pétanque. This sport is ancient and is regaining popularity by being accessible to a large public. The aim of the game is to slide and place your team's discs as close to the puck as possible. 

Eisstockschiessen - Leysin

Eisstockschiessen is a new and famous sport in Germany which can be discovered at the ice rink in Leysin.

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Entertainment on the ice

Skate to the beat of the disco, discover ice sports during introductory sessions, take part in a game of curling with friends, or try ice kating! Several ice sports events take place during the winter. Join in for fun or to learn.

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