Downhill biking in the Vaud Alps

Cyclists looking for a shot of adrenalin, descend the slopes of the Vaud Alps on a downhill bike.

Bike Park and downhill bike trails

Looking for thrills, speed doesn't scare you? The downhill bike is an ideal activity for you.

Helmet on your head and protective equipment in place, you can launch yourself from the top of a downhill mountain bike course! The terrain is full of challenges between stones, roots and banked turns. Speed, balance and concentration are your assets to have a successful run and pass all the difficulties with flying colors.

Leysin Bike Park

In Leysin, a Bike Park is waiting to welcome you all summer long with trails of varying difficulty from the Berneuse gondola.

Introduction to downhill biking

To learn the art of downhill biking or to improve your skills, our cycling instructors will accompany you in your progress.

Rent or have your bike serviced

In cycle shops, you will find a complete range of equipment to buy or to rent, personalized items and useful accessories as well as good advice from passionate specialists. In addition, you can leave your bike and have it serviced.

Downhill Bikepark Berneuse - summer - Leysin
All downhill slopes in the Vaud Alps

Descents in the resort to do in a loop or go to the bottom of the valley


Cycling events in the Vaud Alps

Several cycling events give you the opportunity to meet other enthusiasts and discuss this exciting sport. As a spectator or participant, don’t miss the opportunity of these exciting events.

Vary the pleasures and try the various forms of cycling

If downhill biking appeals to you, other ways of cycling may also be just as enjoyable.

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