Didactic trail in the Arses forest

Welcome to the Arses forest in Rougemont! A place where nature and music meet in symbiosis...

Situated above the village of Rougemont, at the base of the emblematic Rübli mountain, the Arses forest is renowned in the music world for its exceptional wood. The trees in this forest benefit from a particularly long growth period due to their environment and external factors. The result is wood with very tight veins, ideal for making instruments such as violins!

Learn all about this majestic forest on its educational trail! You'll discover many facets of the Arses forest, which is carefully tended by the foresters and where some truly marvellous things have been made for centuries.

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Sentier didactique de la forêt des Arses
Didactic trail in the Arses forest
1.8 km
0:50 h
163.77 m
164.35 m
Want to make a snack stop during your walk? Discover the different locations for a break in nature!

Some places have tables and fire pits. Make sure you leave the site clean when you've finished your picnic.

Find out more about the forest and the importance of its wood!

Sentier didactique de la forêt des Arses
Arses Forest

Located between the village of Rougemont and La Videmanette, the Arses forest is renowned in the world of music for its resonance wood!

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