Ski de fond Villars

Cross-country skiing in the Alpes vaudoises

An ancestor of sliding sports, cross-country skiing has enjoyed renewed interest for several years, thanks to its accessible, natural and soothing nature. The Alpes vaudoises and their varied reliefs offer more than 100 km of trails.

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Cross-country skiing in unspoilt countryside

In the heart of these snow-covered landscapes and in silent nature, recharge your batteries and enjoy the idyllic landscapes enjoy the best cross-country ski trails in the Alpes vaudoises..

Cross-country skiing is a complete sport that puts your whole body into action and gives you a cardio workout! You evolve at your own pace on perfectly marked trails that lead you between forests and valleys.

Most cross-country ski trails are laid out in two styles: classic (in the parallel tracks) or skating (on the groomed trail).

  • Classic cross-country skiing is accessible to beginners. Thanks to a longer pair of skis, prepared not to roll back with each step, you quickly find the right rhythm to glide the skis, by coordinating your arms and legs.

  • Skating cross-country skiing requires a little more balance to find the right glide on shorter skis. The impetus is given by your legs in this sportier version of cross-country skiing.

In the Alpes vaudoises, some Nordic ski runs are open and lit up in the evening. For a few hours, you can extend the day with a fantastic touch. Skiing in the quiet of the night adds magic to this all-round sport practised in the open air.

Ski de fond Villars
The cross-country ski routes can be done in classic or skating style

Take advantage of the hilly trails to perfect your cross-country skiing skills.

Discover the best cross-country ski trails

Take a cross-country skiing course

To start or perfect your cross-country skiing technique, do not hesitate to take a lesson with our qualified instructors available in the various ski schools in the region.

Rent your cross-country ski equipment

Cross-country ski rentals are available in most of our sports shops in order to equip you optimally. Well waxed skis allow a better glide!

The Nordic Centre - winter - Les Mosses
Espace Nordique des Alpes Vaudoises

A place to prepare for your cross-country skiing session, take a warm break or wax your skis. The Espace Nordique is the starting point for sporting activities in winter and a meeting place in summer.

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Participate or attend cross-country skiing competitions or events dedicated to Nordic skiing

Meet in the Alpes vaudoises during one of the popular cross-country ski races such as the Ski-24, a competition during which a team of cross-country skiers take turns during 24 hours to cover the longest distance possible.

Cross-country ski groomer

Paul-François Mermod, known as "Pollux", has been a snow groomer for almost 40 years.

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Other winter activities that may also interest you

After a cross-country ski outing, why not try out ski touring, go on a snowshoe outing, or learn about biathlon? See also our top 5 night-time activities to try out this winter in the region.

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