Man in a cave during a caving trip in Leysin

Caving in winter in the Vaud Alps

An expedition in our subsoil reveals hidden treasures under our feet. Underground waterfalls, rock formations, the path inside our earth is a source of new experiences and has many surprises in store for those who venture there.

Instead of setting off to conquer the sublime snow-capped peaks of the Vaud Alps, why not, on this occasion, visit me the many underground cavities of our mountains?!

An adventure is waiting for you to discovergalleries and hand-cut stairs, accompanied by experienced guides who will allow you to discover fun, sporting and above all new experiences.

The mountains are constantly changing: new caves are formed and develop over time, and the rocks you have the unique opportunity to observe allow you to retrace part of the history of the Alps.

Leysin innovates in this area by offering an underground adventure course that allows thrill seekers to take a zip line and a via corda. So, for half a day, put away your skis and descend into the abyssal depths of your favourite mountains!

Other winter activities that may also interest you

Change element! From the mineral environment of the rocky cavities, move on to the fresh air at altitude during a paragliding or hot air balloon flight. Does the water element arouse your curiosity? Ice climbing brings you closer to it. Winter diving is an incredible experience.

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