Les Amis Café Bar - Aigle

Cafés and tea rooms in the Vaud Alps

Essential for warming up in the mountains, there is no shortage of tea rooms and cafés with friendly atmospheres in the Vaud Alps.

When the snow falls, nothing is more attractive than the soft light filtering lightly through the steamy windows of the tea rooms.

During your stay in the heart of the Vaud Alps, cafés are places where you can watch life go by and fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the mountain villages, and at the same discovering the many gourmet specialities of the region.

Taste succulent chocolates, local specialities such as the caracs and bouchonsvaudois, and give into temptation by sampling the sweet pastries that will give you all the comfort you need to recover from a busy day on the slopes!

Restaurant du Lac Retaud - Maxim Coquard/Bestjobers
After your walk in the snow, push open the door of a café and smell the comforting aroma of coffee.

A frothy cappuccino or a creamy old-fashioned hot chocolate, savour every drop.


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The pastries and specialities tasted in the tea rooms and cafés gave you an insight into the gastronomy of the Vaud Alps. Sit down at a table to find out about the many ways to prepare an Alpine cheese or a choice cut of meat. You will get to know the many local products.

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