Botanist at La Thomasia

Discover the portrait of François, manager of the alpine garden "La Thomasia" in Pont de Nant

La Thomasia, a garden perched at an altitude of 1260 metres

François Bonnet, whose first job is being an horticulturist, has been working in a garden like no other for 20 years: La Thomasia, in Les Plans-sur-Bex. This alpine garden, named in honour of the Thomas family, was created in 1891. It is the oldest Alpine garden in Europe still in operation.

Nearly 3,000 species of Alpine plants

A typical day for an alpine garden botanist? Making sure that the plants have enough space to grow and giving them the care they need to thrive. No desire to control nature, then! It's a question of observing the needs of the garden, using "itinerant management", explains François.

A job of sharing

What does François particularly appreciate about his job? The that each day brings, between caring for the plants and welcoming the public. He enjoys sharing with visitors, as well as exchanging ideas with other botanical gardens.

Actually, botanic gardens around the world frequently exchange seeds, enabling new plant species to be bred in the Alpine environment. At La Thomasia, you can admire flowers from the Himalaya, Japan and even New Zealand. It's the perfect way to travel to faraway lands, at the entrance to the Vallon de Nant.

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