Biathlon in the Alpes vaudoises

An Olympic discipline that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, biathlon is a complete and exciting sport to be enjoyed all winter long in the Alpes vaudoises.

Biathlon is a complete sport that requires going from the intense physical effort of cross-country skiing to total concentration in front of a target when shooting in the lying down position or standing position.

In the Alpes vaudoises, we invite you to learn about this discipline, which is sometimes unknown but which is nevertheless thrilling for those who take part as well as spectators.

Supervised by a professional, beginners work on precision and concentration when shooting a laser rifle and their endurance in cross-country skiing. Self-control, speed and explosiveness are among the qualities of great biathlon champions.

The Espace Nordique des Alpes Vaudoises in Les Mosses welcomes you all winter long as well as in Villars and Gryon for introductory lessons.

Book your introduction to biathlon with the instructors: lie down on the shooting range with the rifle in your hands and your skis still on your feet, this is a thrilling experience!

Other winter activities that may also interest you

After having experienced the excitement of the biathlon, which combines physical effort and skill, move on to contemplation during an outing with the sleigh dogs or browse the mountain pastures covered with snow during a snowshoe hike.

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