Autumn settles in Aigle, Leysin and Col des Mosses

Get inspired for your next autumn outing in Aigle, Leysin and Les Mosses.

Discover the charm of autumn in the Aigle, Leysin and Col des Mosses region of the Alpes vaudoises in Switzerland. As the summer heat begins to ease, nature colors the landscape in vibrant hues, foretelling the imminent arrival of winter.

Leysin - Prafandaz view - autumn
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Take a stroll through the charming town of Aigle, where historic vineyards are nestled alongside the Alpes vaudoises. The crisp autumn air is invigorating as you explore the cobbled streets and admire the changing foliage, transforming the surroundings into a mosaic of fiery reds, burnt oranges and golden yellows.


For those seeking a more elevated adventure, the panoramic trails around Leysin offer breathtaking views of the valley below, adorned in a tapestry of autumn colors. As you hike, you'll be captivated by the soothing rustle of leaves beneath your feet and the harmonious symphony of nature preparing for winter sleep.

Les Mosses

The Col des Mosses, with its rolling hills and vast meadows, invites hikers to lose themselves in the tranquility of autumn. The landscape is a testament to the art of nature, which swaps its lush greens for a rich palette of autumnal hues. The mountainsides are transformed into canvases, celebrating the ephemeral beauty of the season.

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