Region of Pays-d'Enhaut with mountain range - Winter


Between the Gruyère region and Gstaad lies the Pays-d'Enhaut in the Vaud Alps. This lovely valley is rich in cultural heritage and excellent gastronomy, but it also offers highlights in terms of sports and cultural activities. Biking, climbing a peak over 2000 metres high, breathtaking jumps, skiing or tasting regional products - here, everyone will find that certain something to make their stay unforgettable.

Skier at the videmanette with Gummfluh in the background - Winter - Rougemont - Pays-d'Enhaut Région
The Ski area: La Videmanette

The 7.5 km long La Videmanette piste, the longest one of Gstaad region, is an unforgettable skiing experience awaiting to be conquered.

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 Château-d'Œx - l'Etivaz

Château-d'Œx is known far beyond its borders for its International Balloon Festival , yet it has many other treasures to offer throughout the year. Come and discover them among the cultural and leisure activities, the traditions and the history of this idyllic village nestled in the Vaud Alps. Its streets invite you to enjoy a culinary stop and taste the typical products of the area. 

A stroll up to the Temple hill is a must and rewards you with an exceptional view of the valley and the surrounding mountains. Nature lovers will be tempted by Château-d'Œx's easy walks along the Saane or the sportier ones to the surrounding villages and lakes. Those seeking a change of perspective can climb into the basket of a hot-air balloon all year round and admire the Pays-d'Enhaut from above. 

The village of l’Etivaz, situated between Château-d'Œx and La Lécherette, is famous for its alpine cheese L'Etivaz AOP which has been made by the farmers over a wood fire for centuries according to an old tradition. The cheese wheels then reach their maturity here in this small mountain village before being shipped all over the world. You can enjoy a piece of cheese on the terrace of the restaurant Le Chamois.


Situated at an altitude of 1000 metres, nestled in lovely natural surroundings, Rougemont will enchant you with its architectural heritage. Here, wonderful chalets are lined up one after the other, each with its ornamentation a shining example of the local craftsmanship. These wooden houses, some of which are over 400 years old, are a true source of pride for the locals and will delight you with their carvings, engravings, floral ornaments, and inscriptions.  

The 16th century castle and the 11th century Romanesque church rise majestically at the entrance to the village. Built by the monks of Cluny Abbey in Burgundy, both are classified as important cultural monuments. No less gorgeous, yet with an inviting level of comfort, the famous Hotel de Rougemont awaits you in the upper part of the village.

Sport plays an important role in Rougemont all year round. The Videmanette mountain station is the ideal starting point for long hikes in summer and for long, sunny downhill runs in winter!

Culture and arts and crafts are an essential part of village life. An educational tour offers a fun way to learn more about Louis Saugy, the pioneer of . Meanwhile, the local church hosts selected classical concerts of the highest quality. 

Thanks to all this, the village of Rougemont has joined The most beautiful Villages in Switzerland association in early 2017.


At the entrance to the Pays-d'Enhaut, you will be welcomed by the small village of Rossinière, whose idyllic setting is shaped by its lovely surroundings, its centuries-old history and its magnificent wooden houses. Its chalets with their painted and carved façades invite you to take a stroll through the village centre and the surrounding hamlets. Don't miss the Grand Chalet , where the famous painter Balthus lived until he passed away.

This destination is situated on an extensive network of hiking trails that will make the joy of both beginners and experienced hikers. The Lac du Vernex and the Tine Gorge, which marks the border with the canton of Fribourg, are very popular among nature lovers. 

Regional Nature Park Gruyère – Pays-d'Enhaut

The Regional Nature Park extends over 630 km² from the shores of Lake Geneva in Montreux to the Vaud Alps, Gruyère and Gstaad. Its location represents the area of the northern limestone foothills of the Alps with remarkable biotopes and geotopes as well as a rich fauna and flora. Three "Pro Natura" nature reserves are included here: La Pierreuse , Le Vanil Noir and Le Larzey.

Besides the breathtaking nature, this Park offers a huge range of leisure activities with adventure hikes, wildlife watching, cultural-historical tours as well as indulging in regional specialities. 

Pays-d'Enhaut regional products

The Pays-d'Enhaut is beloved and famous for its products, made here right in the heart of our alpine world. The Pays-d'Enhaut Produits Authentiques brand comprises more than 100 products. These include specialities such as the mountain cheese L'Etivaz AOP or the renowned Tomme Fleurette de Rougemont . Beef, sausages, herbal teas and, of course, honey - our local producers use nature's treasures to prepare a wide range of exquisite products. Taste the savoir-faire that only exists here and enjoy the taste experience, in our restaurants or from your home, together with family and friends.