Hero - Prafandaz view on Chamossaire and Glacier - Leysin - Winter


Our region is rich in exceptional flora and fauna as well as numerous nature reserves and places of recreation.

A large part of our territory is also included in the Gruyère - Pays-d'Enhaut Regional Nature Park. Not forgetting our mountain ranges which give a unique character to our landscapes! 

As you walk along, enjoy the views along your route!

Whether it's a view of a rocky massif, a small natural watering hole, a village that seems untouched by the hustle and bustle, or large pastures, discover all along the kilometres, completely unique landscapes!

Relax on the shores and swim in the crystal-clear water of our mountain lakes.

Discover a waterfall through the fir trees, enjoy the melodious sound of a river… Discover this translucent gold that flows from our mountains to our valleys.

What better reward than to arrive on a mountain summit after a good hike!

Our region has many peaks above 2,200 m that can only be reached by leg power. At the top, the calm and the 360°C view will not leave you indifferent. Before going back down, immortalise your ascent with the cross that stands on some of the summits.

Our region offers many peaceful places, some more visible than others.

These real treasures of flora and fauna connect you with the richness of nature in the heart of our nature reserves. In these places, you can enjoy the most magnificent panorama and enrich your curiosity. Feel this life-giving energy!

The Regional Nature Park extends from the shores of Lake Geneva to Montreux and into the destinations of the Vaud Alps as well as Gruyère and Gstaad.

Spread over more than 630 km², this Swiss park is located in a mountainous area representative of the northern limestone pre-Alps. Its territory is home to remarkable biotopes and geotopes, as well as a rich fauna and flora.

In addition to the breathtaking natural scenery, traditions and culture are an integral part of the park's identity. Whether through farming or cheese-making activities, more than a century of history is linked to it.