The Lioson mysteries: an unusual night-time hike

Discover a mountain lake covered in a thick layer of ice by torchlight. Soak up the magical atmosphere as you listen to tales of the region. Warm up after a snowshoe hike with a delicious fondue. Today, we invite you to experience the mountains in a different way, for an evening. Icy, starry memories guaranteed! Shall we take you along?

✎︎ Alpes Vaudoises, ©︎ Alpes Vaudoises, ※︎ February 2024

What we loved ❤️‍🔥

  • The masterfully organised activity, perfect for an evening out with friends or a romantic get-together🥰

  • Listening to the tales told by Stéphane, our guide🧚‍♀️

  • Snowshoeing on frozen Lake Lioson🧊

  • Hiking back to Les Mosses by torchlight🎇

  • And, of course, the fondue!🫕

Snowshoe hike to the Lac Lioson

At the end of the day on a beautiful Saturday, we met up at the Col des Mosses Tourist Office for the start of the activity. We were greeted by Stéphane, our guide for the evening. After introductions between the group (there were around ten of us that evening), we set off for Lake Lioson, an alpine pearl at an altitude of 1848 metres.

Our guide Stéphane tells us the story of the "Goulotte à Pollux" ©️Alpes Vaudoises

The first part of the journey was made on foot due to a lack of snow. We put on our snowshoes a little later, just before reaching Lioson d'en Bas. As the afternoon draws to a close, the sun is already declining and the sky is beginning to take on a pinkish-orange hue, promising an enchanting sunset for our ascent!

The cheese dairy where the famous Etivaz PDO is made during the summer months ©️Alpes Vaudoises

Ascent to Lake Lioson

The crunch of our snowshoes on the snow accompanies us on this ascent. We admire the landscape as it unfolds before our eyes, and soak up the special light at the end of the day. During a short break in the climb, we listen to our first story, about a little bird and a majestic spruce tree (we won't tell you more to preserve the magic of the story!).

A majestic sunset ©️Alpes Vaudoises

Reaching the summit at dusk

After a short hour's climb, Lake Lioson, covered in white gold, is revealed before our astonished eyes. Before night falls completely, we can admire the Pic Chaussy, Tarent and Para mountains that surround the lake. The headlamps of the divers who have set off to explore the frozen waters of the Lioson sparkle in the middle of the lake as they emerge. An experience worth trying for the bravest!

Divers emerge from Lake Lioson at dusk ©️Alpes Vaudoises

A little half-and-half fondue at the lake restaurant

Our adventurous spirit stops here for the moment! It's time for us to go and warm up inside the restaurant by the lake, where a cheerful blaze is crackling. As we sit waiting for our fondue, it's an opportunity to get to know the other participants in this activity. The arrival of the steaming caquelon, however, silences everyone and the fondue is enjoyed in a warm atmosphere.

A real treat! ©️Alpes Vaudoises

Torches and starry skies

As we leave the warmth of the restaurant, we meet up with Stéphane, who has gone ahead and lit the torches for each of us. And off we go down to the lake! A magical, mystical atmosphere guaranteed. The Lioson is covered in a 30-centimetre layer of ice, guaranteeing our complete safety. After a few words about the area, it's time to head back to the Col des Mosses by torchlight.

Setting out on the frozen lake at night by torchlight ©️Alpes Vaudoises

Thanks to Stéphane's explanations, the clear sky on this mid-January night enabled us to locate the North Star, the Little Dipper and Venus. The descent is punctuated by one last tale, this time about a little fairy and a mountain ash. We arrived at our starting point at around 11pm, a little reluctantly, we must admit! It's a fact that everyone goes home that evening with a new touch of magic in their eyes and hearts.

The meanders of the Raverette ©️Alpes Vaudoises

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