Summer escapade: panoramic escape from Aigle to Leysin

If you're a local, you'll of course know the Kuklos, at least by name. If you're discovering the Alpes vaudoises, you won't want to miss this iconic spot. What makes it special? It rotates, giving you a 360° panoramic view while you dine. We tried out the Summer Escapade offer, curious to enter the Kuklos for the first time, despite the fact that we live in the region! We'll take you up to the summit of the Berneuse, first by train, then by gondola.

✎︎ Alpes Vaudoises, ©︎ Alpes Vaudoises, ※︎ August 2023

Why we loved it ❤️‍🔥

  • Access to a breathtaking panorama without having to walk 🌄

  • The cogwheel train ride through the vineyards from Aigle 🍇

  • Tasting röstis in a restaurant that goes round🛞

Aigle - Leysin cogwheel train

We board the cogwheel train at Aigle station, which will take us to Leysin in just half an hour. As soon as we leave the town, the climb quickly becomes steep, offering a magnificent view of the vineyards and the Château d'Aigle. Once in Leysin-Feydey, it's a 10-minute walk along a narrow road to the cabin (for those who don't want to walk, a shuttle bus runs from the station to the cabin).

The view of the vineyards and the château as you climb ©️AlpesVaudoises

Ascent to La Berneuse

With our reservations in hand, we go to the ticket office to collect our ticket for the cabin. It's time to get some height! Arriving at the summit at 2045 metres, we were already feasting our eyes, even if the sky wasn't completely clear that day. We take our time watching the paragliders as they prepare to take to the skies.

Ready to take to the skies, with the majestic Mont-Blanc in the background ©️AlpesVaudoises

Röstis at the Kuklos

Now it's time for the gourmet part of the trip! We take our seats in the revolving restaurant, with its large picture windows, and prepare to let the panorama pass before our eyes as we dine. After a little getting used to (you can feel that the floor is turning), we take full advantage of the slow change of view and can admire (among others!) the Dents du Midi, Mont-Blanc, Lake Geneva, the Tours d'Aï... a magical 360° experience!

Röstis with a view ©️AlpesVaudoises

Descent and return to Aigle

When we emerged from the Kuklos, the sky was perfectly clear. We took the opportunity to take plenty of photos, before getting back in the car to Leysin. At the bottom, we decided to take the train back to Aigle at Leysin-Village, so that we could cross Leysin, rather than go back up to Feydey. With our stomachs full and our eyes filled with memories, we headed back down to Aigle, very happy to have tried this experience!

The rack railway sign ©️AlpesVaudoises

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