E-Biking Outing in Enchanting Solalex

For this activity, we're taking you to the heights of Gryon, to the Solalex mountain pasture and its emblematic Miroir de l'Argentine. Our challenge for the day? Getting to the mountain pasture on an e-bike, a first for us, who are more used to riding on the plains and walking around in the mountains in hiking mode only.

✎︎ Alpes Vaudoises | ©︎ Alpes Vaudoises |※︎ July 2023

A gentle ascent ©︎AlpesVaudoises

Why we loved it💖

  • The ease of renting and using our electric mountain bikes 🚵‍

  • The fact that this activity is perfect for an outing with friends or loved ones 💑

  • The majestic landscape that surrounded us 🌲🌲

  • Combining a thrilling sporting activity with a delicious meal 🤩

Renting E-Bikes and Expert Tips

At Gryon's lively heart, the Place de la Barboleuse, we set out on our thrilling expedition, renting top-of-the-line e-bikes from McBoard-Paragon. Cynthia, the amiable expert, guides us through the e-biking essentials. Even for novices like us, these state-of-the-art e-bikes are a breeze to maneuver. Our mission for the day? Conquer Solalex alpine pasture, an exciting challenge we'll savor at our own pace.

Meet us at Place de la Barboleuse to hire our e-bikes ©︎AlpesVaudoises

Enchanting Ascent to Solalex

Pedaling effortlessly with electric assistance, we are spellbound by the awe-inspiring panorama unfolding before us. Our journey begins on the regular road, where tranquility reigns during the late morning. Soon, we veer towards Cergnement, venturing onto a secluded path, meeting fellow hikers along the way. We pause to capture every magical moment with countless photo breaks. Picture lush alpine meadows, soaring fir trees, and content cows grazing amidst nature's grandeur - a scene straight from a fairy tale.

Crossing the Avançon ©︎AlpesVaudoises

The Enthralling Magic of e-Biking

Crossing a quaint bridge over a babbling river, we embark on the final ascent to Solalex. A breathtaking spectacle unfolds! The imposing Massif de l'Argentine stands tall on our right, while the valley beckons us closer to our destination. Arriving at the parking area near the entrance to the mountain pasture, we continue our journey towards the charming hamlet of Solalex. After a 45-minute ascent, we're ready to put down our bikes and indulge in the gastronomic delights that await us!

Tasty Delights at the Refuge de Solalex

Seated on the shaded terrace of Refuge de Solalex, we gaze at the splendid limestone wall of the Miroir de l'Argentine. This revered climbing spot in French-speaking Switzerland rises almost 400 meters high! Today, we choose to admire it from a distance, as we delve into the culinary delights.

Our taste buds delight in the famous "Modzet de la Véronique," a savory medley of cheese, potatoes, sizzling bacon, onions, crushed tomatoes, and white wine. We also savor a warm goat's cheese salad, graced with a special dressing of quail eggs, sunflower seeds, and cherry tomatoes. In this friendly and idyllic setting, we discover the perfect place to relish regional delicacies.

Delicious lunch at the Solalex refuge ©︎AlpesVaudoises

Return to Barboleuse

With contented appetites and cherished memories, we descend back to Solalex, stealing one last glimpse of the majestic landscape surrounding the timeless hamlet. The journey downhill is smooth, thanks to the e-bikes' effortless assistance. At 2:30 PM, we return our e-bikes to Cynthia at the Barboleuse shop. We must admit, we would have loved to keep them with us, having thoroughly enjoyed our first e-biking adventure in the mountains. Next time, we'll take on another thrilling challenge!

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