Family sledging in front of the Mazots restaurant - Les Diablerets - Winter

ADVENTURES IN THE VAUD ALPS - Fancy going all out?

Alpine skiing is all about thrills and spills, yet winter in the Vaud Alps has so much more in store for you, like snow adventures in the heart of the mountain or even up in the air. 

Explore the wide range of activities available for you in the Vaud Alps.

Our winter adventure recommendations
Ice Climbing - An Ice-Cold Adventure
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Are you a climbing enthusiast? Then dare to experience unusual temperatures and switch the hardness of rocks for the purity of ice! Under the expert guidance of skilled mountain guides and secured with harness and rope, ice climbing will be a safe and at the same time spectacular adventure. 

The terrain is as smooth as glass - armed with crampons and ice axe, you will climb the ice wall of the frozen waterfall and admire the magnificent beauty of the various ice formations along the way.

Ice Diving in Switzerland - An Icy Pleasure
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Ice diving at the Lac Lioson is a unique experience in our region. You will dive down from an ice-hole and let yourself be enchanted by the wonder world before your eyes, as everyday life fades away and rays of light penetrate the water, creating fascinating patterns. You will experience the lake and the ice from below, gaining a completely new perspective.

Go on an adventure in the Vaud Alps with sled dogs
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Break away from the daily hustle and bustle while a pack of huskies pulls you through the gorgeous snowy landscapes of the Vaud Alps. 

The untouched nature provides the perfect backdrop for this unique adventure, which will guarantee a truly new experience in comfort and warmth on a sled, gliding over the snow-covered roads and living the feeling of pure connection among animals, nature and humans. These memorable moments will provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for animal lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and adventurers of all ages seeking a group or a family activity in the Vaud Alps. 

Sledging in the Vaud Alps
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Sledging is pure winter pleasure for all ages, perfect for breathing fresh air and having a good time with friends and family. 

We offer a variety of sledging routes, each with its own challenges - some lead through the forests, others are set up not far from the mountain stations. 

Children will safely indulge in this fun adventure in the snow gardens while, on the other hand, you can try the Diablerets toboggan run, one of the longest in Switzerland with its seven kilometres.

Sledding in the Vaud Alps
Alpine fatbike riding in the snow
Discover this unique activity in the Vaud Alps
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Cycling in the snow? It’s possible now! Set out to conquer the perfectly prepared route on a fat-bike. You will receive a mountain bike with extra-wide tyres, providing excellent grip, ideal for difficult terrain

From Bretaye, you will ride seven kilometres down the snow-covered slope, enjoying the sporty thrill and immersing yourself in a pure winter adventure. 

Fat bike in the Vaud Alps
Hot air balloon riding
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A balloon ride is probably one of the most special and peaceful ways to discover the region's enchanting landscapes

Climb into a hot air balloon and admire the peaks, alpine pastures, and villages of the Vaud Alps as you float in the air! We offer you this magical experience during a hot air balloon ride accompanied by an experienced pilot.

Château-d’Œx is widely known for its International Balloon Festival and is the ideal place to take your first ride in a hot air balloon. The company SkyEvent SA offers round flights all year round (in the morning) from the launch site at the entrance to the village. Balloon flights are also possible from the village of Les Diablerets with the company Ballons du Léman.

All around hot air ballooning
Climbing safely in the Vaud Alps
Rock climbing, Bouldering or Via Ferrata - get some altitude in the Vaud Alps
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Our climbing recommendations
Horse riding and skijöring
Let yourself be pulled on skis/luge or ride a horse in the snow, an unforgettable experience!
Discover Skijöring in the Vaud Alps

With skis or a snowboard under your feet and drawn by a horse, you will "float" through the snow-covered landscape: this is what skijöring in the Vaud Alps is all about. 

Discover this unusual mode of transport and enjoy the magic of the Nordic winter on horseback in the heart of the Vaud Alps.

Discover Skijöring and horse riding in the Vaud Alps
Skatepark - summer - Aigle
Skateparks, pumptracks and BMX tracks

Perform your best tricks while skateboarding, take the best line in BMX... Have fun!

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Experience the feeling of riding, hone your technique, or try out acrobatic tricks: the region's various pump tracks and skate parks are waiting for anyone who wants to experience their luck in the saddle, on a board or on roller skates.  

The pumptrack is a closed circuit consisting of several successive bumps and sharp curves, which can be ridden with various sports equipment. In the past, it was mainly mountain bikes and BMX, but today you can also train with a scooter, a skateboard or rollerblades.

Skateparks / Pumptracks / BMX in the Vaud ALps
Cave exploration
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A two-hour trip into the heart of the mountain will take you into the wonders of speleology. Explore large caves and narrow passages and visualise nature's arduous work during an introductory session.

Caves are formed and grow bearing witness to the history of the mountains, from the formation of the limestone 400 million years ago to the uplift of the Alps and the erosion of the massif.

Already looking for you summer adventures?

Summer in the Vaud Alps will let you experience nature in all its magnificence and will fill your lungs with pure air. Furthermore, enjoy your Alpine summer by trying out new, enriching experiences and feeling the adrenaline pumping

Our recommendations for a summer full of adventures

If you are not an adventurer, discover other activities in the Vaud Alps!