Tobogganing Park - Leysin - Winter


If you are looking for a pure adrenaline rush and know no fear, the Vaud Alps are just the place for you! Here, adventurous souls will find exactly what they seek! Try out a wide range of activities and feel pure energy flow through your whole body.

Are you a climbing enthusiast? Then dare to experience unusual temperatures and switch the hardness of rocks for the purity of ice! Under the expert guidance of skilled mountain guides and secured with harness and rope, ice climbing will be a safe and at the same time spectacular adventure.

The terrain is as smooth as glass - armed with crampons and ice axe, you will climb the ice wall of the frozen waterfall and admire the magnificent beauty of the various ice formations along the way.

Cycling in the snow? It’s possible now!

Set out to conquer the perfectly prepared route on a fat bike. You will receive a mountain bike with extra-wide tyres, providing excellent grip, ideal for difficult terrain


Riding on a fat bike trail in Bretaye

Cycling in winter? Get on a Fatbike and try the 7km track between Bretaye and Villars!

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From Bretaye, you will ride seven kilometres down the snow-covered slope, enjoying the sporty thrill and immersing yourself in a pure winter adventure.

If heights set no limits to your thirst for exploration, come and discover the Vaud Alps from above.

During a paragliding flight, you will enjoy an unparalleled view of the plain as well as of the surrounding mountains

Vol parapente à Rougemont avec vue sur Rübli, carré et pointu - Printemps - Rougemont - Pays-d'Enhaut Région


Whether it is during your paragliding lessons or during a flight, the emotion is there.

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Leysin - Paragliding and view of the Dents-du-Midi

Tandem paragliding in Leysin

Your tandem paragliding flight awaits you at the top of the Berneuse: feel the strong sensations and unlimited pleasure.

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Safely guided by a professional pilot, your tandem paragliding flight takes off into the valley while you enjoy a bird's eye view of magnificent mountain scenery. 

Do you have a flying licence? There are several launch sites in the region where you can take off, carried by the wind, such as from the Diablerets glacier, from the peaks of the Berneuse and Chamossaire or from the Dorchaux plateau.

Ice diving at the Lac Lioson is a unique experience in our region.

You will dive down from an ice-hole and let yourself be enchanted by the wonder world before your eyes, as everyday life fades away and rays of light penetrate the water, creating fascinating patterns. You will experience the lake and the ice from below, gaining a completely new perspective.

Ice diving Lioson see - winter - Les Mosses

Ice diving

What have the paradise islands got over Lake Lioson when it comes to diving ? Sensational thrills guaranteed !

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Heart pounding, blood rushing through your body and then a pure adrenaline rush!

Like bungee jumping, the pendulum spring releases you from a platform and then, well secured to the rope, lets you swing back and forth between the walls of the Pissot Gorge. On the footbridge, right before your big jump, enjoy the view and the natural wilderness around you to gain stunning and simply wonderful impressions. Just don't think too much and take the plunge!

mys-Saut pendulaire-9af850fe-e0d3-429c-aadf-9c9d64744724.jpg

Saut pendulaire

Between zip lines, jumps and natural slides, discover the nature of the Torneresse with this canyoning experience!

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Just as it was imagined and realised by the Swiss Olympic medallist and world champion in bobsleighing Silvio Giobellina when he built the Tobogganing Park, you will glide, well-padded in a tyre tube, through the perfectly prepared tracks.

In the Tobogganing Park you will find slopes of all levels of difficulty, such as easy slopes, 360° curves with a start through an ice tunnel, slopes with an almost vertical start for a very adrenalinic slide!

Tobogganing Park / Big Air Bag  - summer - Leysin

Tobogganing Park

Ride on the slopes and tracks of the tobogganing park in Leysin for exciting and fun moments for both adults and children.

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The most intrepid visitors will also enjoy a run with a loop or a jump and a landing on the Big Air Bag, the giant air cushion. 

For the youngest and children under six, the Minipark offers some easy but no less enjoyable slopes. 

This concept has been taken up in Les Mosses with two snowtubing runs.

This activity is open until 10 p.m., so that an even icier slope will make sliding under the stars a breathtaking experience.

Snowtubing - winter - Les Mosses


Snow, inner tubes and a bit of craziness: that’s all you need for a ride on the snowtubing in Les Mosses!

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Discover all the adrenalin activities of the Vaud Alps

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